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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

About Those Performance Chasing Individul Investors Moving from Stocks to Bonds...

Here are total  returns for three months through yesterday:

 3 Months

Total Bond Index etf (AGG) 2.7%
Total Stock Index (VTI) 4.6%
Emerging Mkts (EEM) 10.1%
Small Cap Value (VBR) 3.2%
SP 500 (SPY) 9.2%

 12 Months (chart below)

Total Bond Index etf (AGG) 7.9%
Total Stock Index (VTI) 9.7%
Emerging Mkts (EEM) 14.3%
Small Cap Value (VBR) 10.4%
SP 500 (SPY) 9.2%

1 comment:

David said...

How did you miss TLT, the long US Treasury Bond ETF, up 7.11% (June 22-Sept 22)?