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Friday, April 17, 2015

The Best, Most Honest Explanation I Have Ever Seen in the WSJ (or anywhere else in the financial media) About Short Term Market Movements

WSJ money beat today

"Every once in a while, equity markets lurch, leaving investors stumped. Where’s the kerbstone that tripped them up?
Sometimes there isn’t one. The market just trod on its own shoelaces. That could well be what happened in Europe on Friday morning as Europe’s leading indices dropped between 1% and 2% amid a dearth of the sort of news that generally triggers big market moves. And Germany’s 10-year bond yields lurched ever closer to negative territory. U.S. stock futures were down 0.67% at 7.35 a.m. EDT."

On the other hand you can find this at cnbc  "explaining" today's move

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