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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

WSJ on Those One Decision Stocks

I promise I didnt read today's paper yesterday before writing yesterday's post.

From the WSJ

Clouds Darken for America’s Blue-Chip Stocks

Coke, IBM, Others Find Once-Reliable Formulas Leave Them Too Big to Change Direction Quickly

The approach was time-tested and hard to beat: Put your money in blue chips, decades-old companies that could be counted on to perform through thick and thin.
But now the market’s stalwarts are showing their age. Steady has become stagnant as companies once considered among the market’s most reliable post poor growth, quarter after woeful quarter.
The list of stumbling stars is remarkable: AT&T Inc., which on Wednesday lowered its revenue forecastCoca-Cola Co. , whichposted flat salesInternational Business Machines Corp. , whichthrew out its profit forecastWal-Mart Stores Inc., whose same-store sales haven’t increased in the U.S. since 2012; General Electric Co. , whose stock price hasn’t topped $30 since the financial crisis.

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