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Sunday, May 19, 2013

I think this is the 21st Century Version of the Famous Shoeshine Boy Story

The well known story about Joseph Kennedy (father of JFK and RFK):

Allegedly, Kennedy knew to get out of the stock market before the crash in 1929 when he got a stock tip from a shoe shine boy. His thinking was that if a shoe shine boy is giving you stock tips, then the market is too popular (or overvalued) for its own good. ....

Against my better judgement I found a clip on cnbc in which this young lady was explaining on national business television "her very first option trade" 

Her blog is here
The description of the blog:
Rachel Fox is a successful 16 year old actress who also happens to be a very successful stock trader in her free time. This blog offers her perspective on the stock markets as she learns to trade, as well as provides education for those wishing to learn more about investing. 

You can catch the debut of Ms. Fox's first option trade "more exciting than a first kiss" gushes the CNBC talking head here
Here is the transcript of the intro:
well there's a first time for everything, isn't there? the first day of school, the first car, even a first kiss. but none of those experiences are nearly as exciting as what our next guest is about to do. well, you may know her as ee lynnette's evilstepchild on desperate housewives. but rachel fox is also thefounder and editor of the hit blog fox on and you want to read it, because just last year, she made more than 30% on the market doing over 300 trades and her very big news today, folks, she's going to make her first options trade.

It reminded me of why I haven't watched more than a few minutes of cnbc for many years (and wish I had stopped much sooner)

And over at
This young investing wizard is  ranked #1 on income investing strategy and #2 on Portfolio Strategy and Asset Allocation

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